Tuesday, 12 June 2012

By George !

I have been abandoned ! Some will no doubt say not before time.....

Ali left yesterday for the journey back to Northampton. Bus to Colne, then train to Preston, Birmingham and Northampton. Our car is lodged at Mark and Helen's so after catching up, she will pop home and then back to the midlands for a wedding this weekend.

So, what have I been up to ! Not a lot really. I have finally fitted the Gampanel, a remote display for the inverter/charger. One of those job;s that takes all day when you think it will be a few hours work. This also called for the re location of the central heating control panel. Neil from Beacon Boats always said this was not sited in the best place, so now it is out of casual touching distance. Doing this took me most of the afternoon and by the time I had cleared up, it was nearly dark ! I am not what you call practical and a very messy worker.

George (N.B. Syrus) popped by yesterday to witness the chaos and then returned today after I had cleared the decks. he and his wife Kath have lived aboard for some years now, so they are more than aware of the pitfalls of life on the water, and the solutions to problems that occur. I had mentioned to him that the Bow thruster had packed in.  George took a look and within minutes diagnosed that the connection at the inline fuse was poor, if not non existant. A piece of aluminium foil has made the circuit and we seem to be cooking on gas. Bow thruster now working fully.  George has suggested that I replace the fuse connector, and this I will do over the next few days. He has also loaned me a cordless drill, so that I can try to sort out the warped cratch board.

Thank you George.


  1. Hi Ali and John,

    checked out your blogg, it's fantastic we tried to comment but technology got the better of us, it kept saying that maybe someone else was trying to send a comment at the same time. We tried again but was unsuccessful, so here we are e-mailing, we know how to do that.

    Just wanted to say thanks for being part of our holiday, we really enjoyed your company, hope to cruise again sometime. Hopefully catch up with you when you reach Kildwick. Thanks also for the banana cake (at least the rainy weather comes in handy sometimes). Heather and Anthony loved your blogg, but Heather said you forgot to mention the guard dog Travis, ha ha.

    Enjoy your wedding, hope the sun shines, don't forget to leave John a list of jobs to keep him busy while your away.

    Bye for now, were off back to work boo hoo, you enjoy your "time out", we'll sort some photos out for you.

    Love Wendy and Chris xx Nb Bees Knees.

  2. Hi Wendy and Chris.

    We miss the security that Travis gave us! We too enjoyed your company and it certainly made the locks a breeze. Keep Wendy away from the wildlife or she will adopt every waif and stray, like us !

    Hope to see you both again soon and a cruise together would be brill.

    XXX Ali and John.


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