Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Wigan and beyond

Yesterday we flew up the 22 locks of the Wigan flight in 3 3/4 hours and this was with a problem at one of the locks with the gate not closing properly which delayed us for quiet a while.  We shared the locks with NB Bees Knees, Chris, Wendy, Heather and Anthony made life so much easier for us.  The flight is much better that I imagined, the gates are heavy and some of the paddles are stiff but not too bad.  There was hardly anyone about.  We stopped at the top of the locks for lunch then we cruised along to Adlington and moored for the day just beating the rain.  We all went to the pub last night for a few beers and some food.

Time for a coffee break (thanks Heather)

Top Lock

View from the top

This morning Heather and Anthony left NB Bees Knees to have a few days rest in the Lake District.  We moved just under the bridge to the White Bear Marina as we were nearly out of diesel and we needed a new gas bottle.  The diesel is a self service, it was a good job there was two of us as the hose reel spring was very strong and once we had pulled the hose out I had to stand on it to stop it retracting.  The heavens opened whilst we were filling up but by the time we set of it had abated.

We cruised along to Chorley where we had a brief stop whilst John went to the Post Office to collect a parcel, we then set off again for Johnson's Hill Locks.  As we arrived a boat went into the bottom lock but didn't close the gates.  I went up and explained that there were two of us together he wasn't happy, he said he wanted to share and had been waiting for a boat and he had thought we would go up with him.  He then decided, a little annoyed that he would go up anyway.  Myself and Wendy helped him through the first few locks then a young lad and his dad who were walking said they would help him up the flight as they liked doing the locks.  John & Chris are getting quiet good at synchronised boating, staying together as they come into and exit the locks.

Once at the top we both used the services and then continued our cruise  to Riley Green where we have moored for tonight.  We have to be away early in the morning as a boat is being craned into the canal where we are moored.

Tuesday 7.5 miles 22 locks
Wednesday 7 miles 7 locks 

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