Friday, 24 June 2011

Blisworth - Wolverton - Grafton Regis

We left Blisworth this morning, did the tunnel, had a bit of an incident at the beginning of the tunnel as a boat hit us, we were tight up against the wall, he obviously wasn't and we took a good bump, passed another 3 boats coming the other way all without any problems. We got through Stoke Bruerne, stopped for water at the top of the locks and Elsan at the bottom lock, as although Nicholson's says there is an Elsan at the top, there isn't! Carried on through some lovely countryside, to Cosgrove and then onto Wolverton and into Milton Keynes, where we turned around just after the aqueduct, stopped in Wolverton and did a tesco shop, then continued back towards Stoke Bruerne, we saw some lovely moorings on the way down, obviously we were not the only ones to think so as they were full when we got back, so we are moored further towards Stoke Bruerne than we anticipated, just managed to moor before the rain came, although we are on a bit of a shelf at the stern so the boat is a bit on a slope! No TV, not really a problem, but do have internet, so Ali has watched the tennis on-line.

One for Isabella Mabel grace!

Stoke Bruerne

Taking a bit of a rest!

Pretty Weirs

Gothic Style Bridge - Cosgrove

Great Ouse Aqueduct

Wall Art in Milton Keynes

18 miles, 9 locks


  1. Isabella was impressed with the picture although it caused some confusion as she thought the boat was hers!

  2. Hi

    A tip, if you do not already know, wheelbarrow wheels make good side fenders when there is a shelf, available at Screwfix £15.99 each (item 20600 in the latest catalogue) they float horizontal. Just attach to the boat like all your other side fenders, except when moving. ;-)

  3. Sorry Helen, didn't think about that!

    Thanks Bottle, never thought, the heavens opened just as we moored, we have some small tyres in the front locker, so thanks for the advice we will use them in future!


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