Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Weltonfield to Bugbrooke

We left Weltonfield this morning to very iffy looking skys, but we have been really lucky all day, only got caught about 30 mins before mooring up, and we got soaked, but typically British summer, the sun came out and it was really hot again in minutes!  We shared the Buckby Lock Flight with another boat which made life easier.  We have passed some lovely boats today, most I imagine are heading for the Braunston Rally.  We stopped at Whilton Marina to go to the chandlery and were apporached by a lovely couple who were looking for a narrowboat, we were happy to show off Triskaideka and recommend Beacon Boats & XR&D to them.

Coal boat loading up

Our moorings tonight

7.5 miles 7 locks today


  1. Took our dog for a walk last night on the GU Leicester section and I passed your boat, which I thought was looked superb! We moored up at Weedon Bec for lunch today and on our return to the boat you were moored up in front of us! We are sure you will have many happy times aboard Triskaideka. nb Slow Pace (

  2. Hi Slow Pace Crew.

    We recognised your boat as well. We did consider Heartwood for our build, but went with Beacon instead, no regrets. Must stop for a chat when next we meet. Cheers. John & Ali N.B. Triskaideka


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