Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Welford to Crick to Weltonfield

We left Welford on Monday morning to sunny skies.  The Welford arm is definitely worth a visit, even if there is no beer festival!  Its a lovely stretch of rural canal, with only one small lock!  We travelled onto Yelvertoft planning to moor, but there was no room, so we continued onto Crick and only just managed to squeeze in there.  We went for a walk around Crick village, saw the cottage we had been eyeing up had been sold (for the 3rd time!).

This morning we left Crick, did a very wet Crick tunnel, the Watford Flight, again fairly wet as the heavens opened.  We were planning to go onto Braunston, however after chatting to a few fellow boaters, we realised its the  Historic Narrowboat Rally this weekend, and apparently there were no moorings this morning, so we thought the chance of getting any this afternoon were remote.  We had a quick change of plan and decided to moor just before exiting the Grand Union Leicester Section, which we did.  After a bit of lunch we walked into Braunston, we managed to beat the narrowboats going up the canal to Braunston although the footpath over the tunnel is a bit of a climb and a map might have been a good idea, the boats exited the tunnel before us but we overtook them at the locks!  So the rally has changed our plans and we are now going to head towards Milton Keynes as we are coming back to this area in a week or so, before setting off for Oxford.

Moorhens by our mooring

 Whoops - dodgy exit from the nest

Welford Lock

One for Ally!

Exiting Crick Tunnel

Watford Locks

First Cake made on board

Some of the historic boats already at Braunston


  1. oooohhhhhhhhhh...some lovely boats! wish I could do Braunston this weekend,,,ho hum.
    looks like you're getting the hang of cooking with gas though!

  2. Did I get you into making a jam sponge Ally? Enjoy the Grand Union, great to hear what you are getting upto... Doug and James x

  3. Wow - great looking jam sponge - what did you do with the oven?
    Pip xx

  4. Hi Pip

    Persevered with it, took ages to cook and next time will cook one at a time not both together!



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