Friday, 17 June 2011

Thursday 16th June & Friday 17th June

We did a bit of gongoozling at the locks at Foxton and then had a look around in the museum and at the Foxton Inclined Plane, a fantastic bit of engineering but neither of us realised that it was in use for such a short time  We then set of for a short cruise up the Market Harborough arm, the weather forecast for Friday was for lots of rain, so we decided that we would stay in Market Harborough on Friday, do a bit of housekeeping and go for a look around the shops and town, which we have done.  Cooked a full roast, think the oven temperature may be a bit dodgy, bought an over thermometer which is even more dodgy!  Tried to get the satellite working but with no joy, but we are fairly enclosed so no wonder really, but at least we know how it all fits together now!

Think we will have a slow mosey back to Foxton tomorrow, dodging the showers.

Had the washing machine on, using the travel power and it works well, which John was really surprised at.

Foxton Locks

Inclined Plane 

 Market Harborough Arm

Market Harborough Basin

Market Harborough


  1. Market Harborough has some really lovely bits! Can't see why John should be suprised at the travel pack lol! And the oven...well, bottled gas is never as efficient as mains, it does always take longer...remember to pre-heat well...we usually give it about 20 mins!!

  2. Temperature always been a bit dodgy on these ovens - my trick is to cook everything at at least 1 or 2 Gas Marks higher than you would normally, and to always allow longer. I haven't managed a successful cake yet though, so precision stuff doesn't get done! Glad to see you are enjoying your first trip out.
    Pip xxx

  3. You will soon get to know how it behaves. I am even making my own yorkshire puddings as well as cakes. Ask Ally how much rain we saw when we went to Market Harborough and how many bbq's we had under brollies. Nearly forgot, we then couldn't get home as the Soar was in flood.

  4. what a week that was Karen! I still think BBQ's in thunderstorms are fun though!


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