Saturday, 11 June 2011

Maiden Voyage.

This was delayed untill friday due to adverse weather and our availability. The day was fine, the boat fantastic. Thank you again Beacon Boats, Ali and Neil for all your hard work. You cannot go wrong with this company.

The maiden voyage was interesting, one of the planks that they use for launch, had obviously stuck to the bottom of the base plate, just near the first bridge it dislodged and shot up out of the water like an emerging submarine, hit the rudder and dislodged the rudder so the rudder and tiller were pointing in different directions, hence no steer!!  Managed to get into the bank and soon fixed by Neil and his trusty spanner!

We have a problem with the solar panel, the solar controller ( from vetus to match the inverter) and the inverter are not talking to each other.  Neil has been onto Vetus but not with much success, we really want to get it sorted before setting off, but we also want to get going, so may wait Monday morning to see what is happening and then make a decision!

Will be meeting up with N.B.Chance at some stage on Monday and looking forward to viewing each others boats.


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