Sunday, 19 June 2011

Sunday 19th June

Yesterday we went travelled back from Market Harborough Wharf to Foxton.  We met Ali's sister and brother in law for tea (Jane & Paul) and a few beers.

Sunday, we set off and after a short wait, ascended the Foxton flight, its a pity all locks are not this easy, we set off in bright sunshine, although by the time we had reached the top, it had gone cloudy, the wind had got up and the temperature had dropped!  We travelled along Laughton Hills and through Husbands Bosworth Tunnel, there are no houses along this stretch just the odd farm with villages in the distance.  We turned up the Welford Arm and are moored at the wharf, there just happens to be a beer festival at the Wharf Inn!
Waiting to go up

Recruiting new volunteers?
Get 'em early!

Going in

Coming out 1166 yds later


  1. yaye, nice one....funny how you sniffed out the beer festival lol! xx

  2. We still have Foxton flight to do yet. Something to look forward to. At least you had better weather today.


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