Tuesday, 7 June 2011

She is in the water

An early start, we were at Beacon Boats well before lift off.  The next boat arrived, closely followed by the crane.  A well oiled operation saw 'one in one' out and Neil like a rash everywhere, on, off, both boats, in out etc!  It was quiet scary watching Triskaideka lifted into the air and then loaded onto the lorry, a quick trip to the launch site as Pillings Lock Marina on the back of the lorry, then craned off again and onto the cradle and then carefully down the slip and into the water.  She floated beautifully, a little adjustment to the ballast.  We are really pleased with the boat, and after fuelling we (well John) took her to her temporary mooring.  We will be staying at Pillings Lock whilst some further tests are undertaken, the tilt test is tomorrow and then on Wednesday we will go out for a test run with Ali & Neil.  We will be travelling up and down for a few days and loading our stuff on, ready for the off, either over the weekend or early next week.

We would like to thank everyone who helped today with the launch, Sam (Foxton Boat Services Ltd), for sorting out the engine, Scott (Soar Mechanical Services) and Mark (Boaters Tech) and Everards for the Beacon Beer to name Triskaideka.

We had a long, sometimes nervous day but one that we thoroughly enjoyed, we couldn't believe that is was 7pm and we thought we should head home, but this was mainly as we were chatting to lots of people and showing off our new boat, it was great to meet everyone.

We have taken loads of photos and I have uploaded some to flickr, so a few below of her flying and floating, but please have a look at the others at  http://www.flickr.com/photos/nbtriskaideka/ 

up she goes

onto the lorry

onto the cradle 

in she goes

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