Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Triskiadekas first tunnel

We left our moorings at Kilby Bridge and managed to time it so we caught up with Si-Lent Cheleny and shared all the locks, which made for a much easier time for the 12 locks.  We travelled through Triskaidekas first tunnel at Saddington (880 yds) never touching the sides once!  There are bat boxes all through the tunnel.  We refuelled at Debdale Wharf where we met up with Neil, for him to set up our fuel gauge.  We left Debdale and the heavens opened so we and probably Neil as he was on his motor bike, got soaked, we travelled just a little further and have moored just before Foxton.

The canal between Kilby and Foxton is a SSSI, so there are some lovely flowers and reeds along the bank.

The weather doesn't look good for the next few days, so we may not be travelling very far!

Saddington Tunnel

Lovely flowers along the bank 

Our moorings for tonight 

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  1. nice not to have to hurry regardless of the weather eh? It's generally expected to be improving early July!
    Good to follow your adventures :)


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