Tuesday, 7 June 2011

We is knackered

After the emotions of yesterday, we are both shattered. What a great day. Not that we have been totally idle today. Ventured to the dark side, otherwise known as the north bank (yorkshire), Hull and Beverley and completed some little jobs. This was after a morning meeting to tidy up the now depleted finances!

Back down to Pillings tomorrow to meet the crew, then off with Ali and Neil for the maiden voyage and shake down. Lunch perhaps as well, which will make a change for the said crew who did not stop yesterday from dawn to dusk.

The tilt test has been done today and RCD man say yes!

Will not be able to sleep again tonight out of sheer exitement.


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  1. Hi Ali and John

    We can leave you a comment at last! Congratulations on the launch and looking forward to meeting up hopefully on Monday. Best Wishes on your maiden Voyage. Doug and James


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