Tuesday, 14 June 2011

A long hard (but hot) day!

Well we said, the beauty of being out cruising for the summer was that we didn't have to do 9-10 hours a day, so what did we do on day 2?  10 Hours!  (We did stop in Leicester at Sainsbury's) We left this morning and cruised through to Kilby bridge, Leicester was not as bad as we had expected, it is much better, very green and not the industrial waste land that we had anticipated, one part is obviously used by the locals as a dump, but other than that a pleasant day.  We did 21 double locks today to get through Leicester, all of them we against us, so we had to empty them first, we did meet two boats at a lock, but one of them was single handed so I still ended up helping them through!  A few photos from today, not many as we were too busy!  And one especially for those who thought that Ali never steers the boat!  (and by the way the nerves have disappeared, been fine today! must have been the alcohol last night!)

Re yesterdays post, I didn't say what a lovely boat that Chance was, the guys have done a great job of designing it to replace their previous boat Spirit.

Space Centre (to the right)

Our moorings tonight  

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  1. Jane and Steve15 June 2011 at 21:47

    Bon voyage! The boat looks fantastic and what a lovely first few days you seem to have had. You look to have got off to a good start with pleasant weather and lovely countryside. It sounds as if it can still be hard work at times and long days but much more peaceful and rewarding than working for a living. Enjoy!


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