Saturday, 18 May 2013

Yet another short hop.

Yesterday, after Ali had a final retail fling in Harborough, it was time to move on.  We really enjoy this town as you can possibly tell. Before we left I spun the boat around in order that we could give the front button a little T.L.C. Like me, it was sagging a little!  A few minutes work and all looking good.

So we said farewell and were off after lunch and before all the Canaltime craft left the basin. An uneventful chug took us once again to Foxton, were we moored just prior to the C.R.T. yard. We had arranged with Sam (Foxton Boat Services) to complete the 1500 hour service on the Beta. This was a tad early hours wise, but as our last service was a tad late, decided to get it done in readiness for the Thames.

This morning saw me up bright and early. O.K, early but not that bright! I have developed an annoying tickley cough, and this woke me at 0430, so I got up! At least I was able to see a Kingfisher on it's morning patrol.

We had arranged with Pip and Rog (N.B. Windsong) to visit this morning and they duly arrived with their adorable cocker, Ozzy. Both of us fell in love with the little blighter. No sooner did we settle in for a catch up, when the call came from Sam to move over the cut in order to complete the service. Sorry the visit was cut a little short guys.

So, we are now more than ready to make some progress. We will ascend the flight in the morning, and then like a swallow in autumn, it is south for us. I really cannot wait to start moving now, much as I really enjoy the environs here abouts. Onto pastures new, well after we leave the south Oxford that is.

The view from our mooring last night

with these for company

kept Ali amused whilst baking

last nights mooring

Our view tonight (1)

Our view tonight (2)

Our view tonight (3)
17/05/13 - 4.75 miles, 2 swing bridges

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