Monday, 13 May 2013

First Locks of the Year

Another early start this morning, again due to the weather, we had untied and were off before 8:30 (I know not that early, but it is for us!).  We were soon through Husband Bosworth tunnel, which was remarkably dry, we both commented on the lack of moored boats as we headed for Foxton.  We love this stretch of canal, the views are lovely all the way along. 

We decided as the rain hadn't reached us when we got to the top of the locks to go down, straight in and off as well, following a boat down.  We were down in 45 mins I think that is a record for us, and although there were three lock keepers on I only had help at the middle pound and at the bottom.  We did take about 5 mins too long though as we got to the bottom lock the heavens opened so we moored up in a very sharp shower.  Its also very windy and we have been hit already by a boat getting caught out by it and had a couple of very near misses as well, should prove to be an interesting afternoon!

We have had a stroll back up the locks to the top cottage for a bacon buttie as they smelt amazing as we came down the locks, think we should have had one then as they obviously cook all the bacon and then keep it warm, not that great!  

We have seen our first new family of swans & signets and also some ducklings today, but there seems to be a lack of nests along the canal, think they are later in nesting this year.

We had a bit of of a back handed compliment today when a fellow boater asked if we were on our maiden vovage! Seems like the washing and polishing was not in vain....
Entrance to Husband Bosworth Tunnel

& exit

New lamb


Its like the M1!

The view from inside the lock (going down)

Our first cygnets of this year

View across to the locks

Blue bells

Side ponds at the bottom of the locks


7.75 miles, 10 locks & 1166 yards of tunnel

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