Monday, 20 May 2013

Following the Autumn Swallow.

Finally, we are south bound. We ( I)  left our moorings at the top of Foxton this morning,  I finally feel that we are on our way!

Last night, we met with Paul and Jane at the gastro pub below the locks.  We all had a variation of Sunday lunch and  very nice it was too.  They have both been very kind to us and act as our land based contact point whilst we are on the move.

We walked back to the boat and the  got chatting to the crew of " Comfortably Numb" who trade around the system along with their butty. So, was quite late by the time we sat down.

So, this morning, like you do, we took the bog for a walk. We were talking  with the crew of Comfortably Numb,  when I got a phone call, Somebody wanted to view our house..... What to do?   Ali decided to go home as they wanted a viewing this evening.  Paul came to the rescue yet again, picked Ali up from Foxton, took her to our car and she was off home.  Well they have viewed but no feedback as yet!

Today but another short  cruise to Welford junction, but on my own. The weather improved during the day and is very pleasant. Must admit, you would have to go far to beat the scenery around here.

The blue bells are fantastic.

The Tunnel Mouth
It is getting closer.

Boy was this boat slow!

Foxton to Welford 8 miles & 1166 yards of Husband Bosworth tunnel


  1. I am impressed (and possibly redundant!), not only single handling, but taking photos, doing the blog and uploading photos! No excuse now!!

  2. Good news we hope about the house viewing .Went to Blue Haven today to look at a boat being painted and choose colours.


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