Sunday, 19 May 2013

I blame Sam !

Well, we ascended the Foxton flight and then stopped at the top for the day..... Quite getting used to these short hops now. There is a reason for the lack of progress today, my head hurts!

Yesterday evening we decided to go for a short walk, followed by a drink in Bridge 61. The walk was a short one, the time in the pub extended somewhat. We got chatting to some of the regulars, including Sam and before we knew it, after drinking copious amounts of " Inclined plane", it was well past closing time. We both had a really good night and wended our way back to the boat.

I have to say, we both slept really well. So the answer to my annoying cough is.......BEER.

So no early start again this morning. We are surprised just how quiet it is. Ali booked us in to ascend the flight at 1030 ish and there was only one boat ahead of us waiting to go up and one coming down. In glorious sunshine with hardly a breath of wind we climbed up arriving at the top by 1300 ish. Took us just about an hour.

I say quiet, well boat wise it is, but the sun has certainly brought the Gongoozlers out in force. There are hundreds of them. Bless.

So we may well walk down for a Sunday lunch later.  And a "hair of the dog" or two......

Treated to a paragliding display whilst waiting for the locks

Ready to go

Not sure how John managed to get a photo without anyone on it today! 

Top lock, nice ice cream!
10 locks

PS - nothing to do with Sam, at no point did I see anyone with Johns arm up his back! - Ali 

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