Wednesday, 22 May 2013

A slow pace.

We are maintaining a slow pace in order to time our meet with Dave and Angie, NB. Lady Esther later this weekend.  This is no hardship, as we actually really like this area, despite the intrusion of the M1.

After passing Crick yesterday and seeing the preparations for the show, we have decided to go to the opening day on Saturday.  This poses a slight problem.  We have no means of transport and mooring anywhere near Crick will be a nightmare.  We have found that it is possible to travel by bus from Braunston and I think this is what we will do.  This is despite a very kind offer from a fellow member of the Canal world forum to give us a lift. ( Thank you "Tree", but it is too much of a diversion for you.)

So, the plan will be to have a few days in Braunston, get some little jobs out of the way and visit the show.  With this in mind, we left our mooring this morning and made the short journey to the top of Watford Locks. There was no one ahead of us and two boats coming up, so Ali signed in with the Lockie and we had but a short wait before we began our descent. Just enough time to empty the Elsan in fact.

A quick passage was made and we made our way in quite a strong wind towards Norton junction. It remained dry all day.  In order not to overstay on the visitor moorings in Braunston, we have stopped for the day on the visitor moorings at the junction.  We will make our way in tomorrow, through the tunnel and down the locks and hope that by arriving late morning, there will be some space freed up. The rationale being that all boats are heading for the show!  We shall see....

Miles 2
Locks 7

The start..

Fearless baby bunny..

 A slight leak in the gates..


  1. Weather does not look to good for Friday but Dave always optimistic .So want to be cruising and wearing my pink life jacket .If you get to the Crick show will have to let Dave know how much a long black rope is and don't forget to get two for your boat.:)

  2. Hiya peeps.

    Hope the weather is kind to you both tomorrow. Not many sleeps now Angie! We are going to seek some advice re the lengh of rope required on the Thames before we buy. Expensive if not required. xx

  3. We are going Saturday, we will look out for ya

  4. How could we miss you two with your herd of dogs and hats with corks on. Look forward to seeing you.


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