Saturday, 25 May 2013

Busy doing little.

A quick catch up only. We remain at Braunston. Yesterday whilst Ali was picked up and taken shopping by Jane, I stayed on the boat doing a few catch up jobs, The weather was truly awful, with very strong winds, and sleety heavy showers. It was freezing!

As there is a launderette in the marina at Braunston, I took a load. We are conserving our water on the boat and it was easier to do it there rather than on the boat and then have to move to fill with water. It is really busy here and moorings are at a premium. Whilst the wash was on, I popped into A.J. Canopies and collected our Wendy house. Brilliant service as they even said the modification was free! Left a tip for a drink. Dropped this off at the boat and then went back to dry the washing. Must say, the dryers are carp, so when I got back had to put ours on to finish off.

The wind by midday was horrendous and you would think it was autumn with the temperatures and the leaves coming off the trees, which covered the boat roof!  I then did a little hoovering. Was I not a good boy?

Today was our trip to Crick boat show. Bus from Braunston to Hillmorton, then change to another for Crick. Took us about 40 mins which was not bad. We wandered around the show, buying a few bits and pieces. The main attraction is viewing the new boats and as we have our own, we do not bother. Especially as now each boat has a booking system.

We did meet Paul and Elaine from N.B. Caxton ( Manley Ferry) and had a short catch up. As they too are heading south this year, no doubt our paths will cross again at some time.  Look forward to it.

Arrived home by mid afternoon. It has been a lovely day weather wise, what a contrast to yesterday. So we set about clearing the debris from the roof and rear deck. Now all spic and span.

Dave and Angie ( N.B. Lady Esther ) have made really good progress and we will meet up tomorrow. Then we will start for the Thames in earnest.  Cannot wait,,,,

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