Thursday, 16 May 2013

A short sojourn in Market Harborough.

Yesterday dawned would you believe, very wet, very windy and very cold!  Our mooring at Foxton had it's advantages, but one glaring disadvantage was the proximity of an ash tree in full flower.  The wind and rain dislodged these and literally covered the boat.

By lunchtime, as forecast, the weather ameliorated.  We decided to make the short hop to Market Harborough.  After two swing bridges, this is a lovely short cruise with the benefit of a delightful small market town at the end of it.  The weather remained kind if a tad chilly as we made our way in. We did manage to pick something up on the prop, but a quick reverse seemed to have cleared it. (confirmed all clear today)

We are moored in the basin. This itself is very pleasant and as the town centre is only a ten minute walk away, that's what we did during the afternoon. In the evening we partook of a meal in the waterfront, and very nice it was to.

We like it here so much we are staying an extra day. Catching up on the chores and making good use of the hook up. When we leave here we will slowly wend our way south to Napton to meet up with Lady Esther. Cannot wait to hit the Thames.

Today we have once again hit the shops and had a wander in glorious weather.  This afternoon has been a little prone to the occasional heavy shower but it is so nice to have doors and windows open and not feel frozen!

Ps. Thanks for the good wishes Ally.

Look at that roof

Lovely canal side garden

Union Wharf

Union Wharf (note - clean roof!)

4.5 miles, 2 swing bridges


  1. Thought that was another Beacon Boat moored beside you in the last photo, had to look at a previous one to see that it wasn't! Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday. xxx

  2. No rain in Coventry today was sunny and warm just what we need..Just walked to the local pub tonight and enjoyed the Italian night ( no garlic for me ) Hope you had coffee on board after your meal and tried your new coffee pot

  3. Hiya. The coffee pot is well bedded in! Twas a really good buy for us as we do like our coffee. xx

  4. You're moored next to another blogger, on the Norton Canes boat, Jeanie Deans:

  5. Hi Adam. Thank's for that.

    At 10pm last night we had the most tremendous downpour. Started as heavy rain, then hail !!! I hope this is not going to be a repeat of last year. We even lost the sattellite signal, now that is serious. Gray, cloudy but thankfully dry this morning.


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