Saturday, 11 May 2013

We have arrived !

After a long day yesterday, we are finally on the boat! We were still up at 2am yesterday getting ready and left home early afternoon. Quick supermarket shop en-route and upon arrival, the unpacking.

I just did not know where it would all fit, but Ali managed to pack it all away with a small amount of storage still left! Then off to Helen and Marks to store the car for the summer. Paul and Jane then transported us back to the boat and of course we just had to stop for a pub meal.

Again thankyou to Mark and Helen, Paul and Jane for all of the above.

I think today we will chill out. Ali still has the lurgy and I seem to have a cold !!! The weather forecast for today is crap, so we will leave tomorrow and head for Welford junction. That be the plan anyway. :)


  1. Are you planning to go up the Welford Arm, and if so, how long do you plan to stay there?
    P & R xxx

  2. Hi PIP. Not on the way up to Market Harborough, but we may on the return trip when we head for the Oxford. We are coming up for our 1500 hour service, a biggy, and need to finalise a date with Sam whilst we are at Foxton.


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