Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Nearly there !

With winter finally out of the way ( fingers crossed ) we are almost ready for the off

Ali managed to find work for winter and her contract was extended so her final finish date was the end of april. This was no bad thing bearing in mind the weather we have had and would you believe she now has a dose of this lurgy thing that seems to be doing the rounds.  We intend to be out of the marina this weekend and then the general plan is, water levels permitting, to head for the Thames and the K & A.

We de winterized before easter, big mistake...Then it dropped sub zero again and thwarted plans for a few days out and necessitated leaving heat on. Lesson learnt there.

The present spell of good weather has allowed us to wash, polish and do a bit of touching up on the boat. She now looks good as new.  That said, the road in the marina has been extremely dusty, so no doubt upon our return, a fine layer will have been deposited on the boat! I am sure the forecast rain will wash it off, but it has yet to reach north lincolnshire so grass cut today.

Over winter we have managed a few small modifications. The exhaust has been slightly altered in order that it it is more flexible and no longer resonates through the boat when underway.  Fitting a hospital silencer was just not practical due to space limits, so this has been the best compromise. It does make a difference.

We have also added another radiator in the saloon. As the boat is largely open plan with saloon, dinette and galley previously served by one radiator, on cold spring or autumn mornings this took an age to heat. With the additional one, this is a lot quicker with the bonus that the Webasto seems to enjoy the challenge as well!

Both the above were carried out by Dave Hull of  D.R. Marine, and an excellent job he did too, well recommended.

We have also added 12 v fans below the bed and to the area below the dinette in which the freezer is housed in order to aid ventilation.

So, more than ready for the off.  We will take a cruise to Foxton and onto Market Harborough initially in order to test everything out and hopefully see Sam (Foxton boat services ) for a service.

So anyone in the area keep an eye out and give us a wave or even pop in for a cuppa. We will probably be at Foxton Sunday/Monday all being well. Please weather, be kind!!!

 Clean & Polished


  1. Yay good on ya guys, hopefully we will catch up somewhere as we are gaan daan saaf!

  2. Hiya, or should we say G'Day both. Sure our paths will cross, but Paul, No more encoraging me to drink that mucky beer! You know that I like it not! ( Hic!)


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