Thursday, 23 May 2013


The forecast today seemed to indicate that the morning blue skies would deteriorate to heavy possibly thundery showers in the afternoon. Being wimps, we decided to get an early start and try our best to beat them.

We were away just after 8 am. It was sunny, but with a cold wind. We negotiated the junction and headed for the tunnel. I must admit, we were again suprised by how quiet it was.  Entering Braunston tunnel we could make out one boat some distance ahead of us, with nothing coming towards us at all. The passage through was a doddle and only as we got to within 100 yds of the exit did another boat appear.

As we reached the top lock we saw another boat just entering and so we were able to join them and then went down the flight together. The pound below the Nelson was a little low for some reason, but caused us no problems although the working boat Hadar did become a little grounded.

Below the bottom lock, we topped up with fuel, then moved to the water and elsan point just prior to bridge 91. After this there are some 14 day moorings and after a little wait, we managed to bag a slot. Sorted...

We managed a walk around the marina and popped to bottom lock chandelry to collect some pre ordered paint. We then called into . They are lovely people and made some modifications to our pram hood ( aka Wendy House ) during the winter . We needed a little velcro sewing on. It will be ready tomorrow, how is that for service.

So back to the boat and as forecast, the heavens have opened.  Think we may have the fire on tonight!

Cold, windy, but how can you not enjoy this?

Entrance to Braunston tunnel

nearing the end, and another boat coming in

 This afternoon President and Kildare came past, lots of steam under the bridge 

Tonights mooring

Miles 4 1/2, Locks  6, Braunston Tunnel 2042 yds


  1. Hi, Good to see you are on your way. we will keep track of you as the THAMES is on my to do list (when Wendy let's me retire) Have fun and ENJOY.Hopefully we will catch up again!!
    nb Bees Knees

  2. Hi Chris. Hope that you and Wendy are keeping well. Is she still rescuing wildlife? The weather is like a repeat of last year up to now, it has got to improve has'nt it? Really looking forward to the Thames and K&A,so will try and post plenty of pic's.

    Have a good time out this year and we must meet up again.


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