Sunday, 9 September 2012

Onto home waters

Yesterday we had a lazy day, doing a bit of cleaning, washing and shopping and enjoying the lovely weather.  We got a quick repair to the cratch cover at AJ Canopies after chatting to Paul and Elaine from NB Caxton AKA The Manley Ferry and them telling us they had just took theirs in and were expecting it back later in the afternoon.  A good repair and a good price.

We had been in touch with Dave and Ang from NB Lady Esther all morning as they were on there way to meet us and they arrived mid afternoon.  We had a good catch up as we haven't seen them since April.  We then all went to the Boathouse for tea.  You know you are rowdy when you can hear your party in the other side of the pub when you come out the loo, but we all had a good time I think, we all retired onto NB Caxton to meet the animals and partake in a nightcap/coffee.  Thanks guys for a lovely evening we really enjoyed your company and hope you were not as hung over as we were this morning, but.... at least we were up and off on schedule and there was no sign of life on Caxton and a cheery wave from Ang as John passed Lady Esther, but Dave......!

As we pulled away from the services a boat appeared through the bridge so we managed to share the six Braunston locks, the mistake however was letting our companions take to the tunnel first.  We have never gone so slowly through a tunnel and never had to keep reversing so not to come into contact we the boat in front.  When a boat was approaching from the other direction they stopped, and quite a distance from the oncoming boat and didn't set off again until they had gone past.     We also got blinded from a boat coming the other way whose tunnel light was on his tug deck pointing straight down the canal, it wasn't even shining on the roof at all, I did suggest he might like to alter the angle so he was not blinding everyone, as you can imagine I got no response at all, then the boat following him told the boat in front of us that his light needed adjusting so I told him if he caught up with the boat in front he should explain to him how to angle his light as well, I honestly don't know how he could see as it was pointing straight in front.

We cleared the tunnel and turned onto the Leicester Line of the Grand Union, with I think very mixed feelings as this is really now on our return.  Our winter mooring will be at one of the marinas along this stretch, although we have not finalised which one yet, but it does mean that our long cruise for this year is fast coming to its end.

This afternoon we were collected by Paul to go to their house for a family get together to celebrate Jane's birthday.  It was lovely to catch up with everyone and see how the little ones have grown and developed since we saw them last.  We then drove back to Triskaideka as we have also collected the car.

Lady Esther

NB Caxton - note the herbage on the bow
(we did check to see what they are growing, but I can confirm tomato plants!

NB Triskaideka - all taken from the Pub!

Left to Right
Dave, John, Paul Elaine & Ang

Left to Right
Dave, John, Ali, Paul Elaine & Ang

Misty Morning - AND ALI TOOK THESE!!!
(but I was trying to walk off a thick head!)

Onto Leicester Line

 4.5 miles 6 locks Braunston tunnel 2042 yards


  1. Fantastic night guys, looking forward to do it again in the not too disant future. x


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