Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Seems like just in time!

On Monday our plan was to remain at Crick and play catch up.  We had the car to collect from Long Buckby Wharfe and so hoped the weather would hold.

The reason for the post title is this E-mail.

Watford Flight, Locks 1-7

Monday 10 September 2012 until further notice

The Watford Locks flight is closed with immediate efect due to emergency repairs. The canal will be dewatered on Tuesday 11th September when repairs will be carried out. The flight will be closed until further notice.

Enquiries: 01908 302500

Ali said one of the paddles on the flight was a little "odd" and it appears she was right.  That said, CRT seem to have got their act together as the flight reopened this afternoon, much to the delight of the hirers and hire companies no doubt, as there were quite  a few Kate Boats on the summit pound.

Anyway, on Monday, we caught the bus to Long Buckby and as we had half an hour to wait for a connection, we decided to walk to the wharf.  Arrived just after the bus so no time wasted and good exercise to boot.
The car came into its own straight away.  We went and got some bait so I could go fishing again!.  We also did a tesco shop then left the car in Crick untill Ali needs it on Friday.

Today we have had a very pleasant cruise, if a tad chilly at times due to a strong wind and moored near the entrance to the Welford arm by mid afternoon.  Out came the fishing rod and spent a few hours drowning maggots.  Got a few small roach and perch, and lost a whopper!

The nights are getting chilly now and for the first time in months we have the fire on.

The Gnome fishing.

Sun setting over our mooring.

10 Miles. No Locks.

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  1. It's so beautiful post with beautiful pics particularly hunting fish! I think having boats is a great option to enjoy the holidays and get experience of adventures with family, friends and colleague.


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