Friday, 14 September 2012

A catch up and farewell.

Getting a little lazy with the blog, but we are coming to the end of our summer cruise and I suppose writing up this seems to hasten the end!

So, were are we now?  Well on the Leicester section of the G.U.  We are in the top pound which runs between the Watford flight and Foxton,  This is in itself a lovely area, the heart of England and very scenic in an understated way.  No locks, so a days cruise can be quite extensive miles wise.

On Wednesday, we left our mooring and  turned at the Welford arm junction, cruising to a very scenic mooring just north of bridge 27, which has rings.  The canal is very shallow in this area.  We stayed overnight and then continued south to Crick, were we once again turned, moored, then shuffled in order to get a T.V. signal.  Crick is notorious for the lack of mobile and Internet signals and this was well proven!  We had arranged to meet Jane for a meal at The Moorings next to bridge 12 and managed to achieve this.  Lovely evening, thank you for coming Jane.

This morning was very, very sad.  Ali was going home!

She starts her new job on Monday, and needed to get home before the weekend in order to get ready.  It seems very unreal to wave her goodbye and we were both upset at parting, albeit for a week. After she had loaded the car and waved me off, I was on my own, GULP!

Now I have not cruised the boat alone and to be honest the prospect was somewhat daunting.  So a slow and steady cruise was made to Yelvertoft in order to fill with water.  Oh no!  A Que at the water point.  Normally Ali organises me, but she had gone home, so down to me!  A short hover saw me on the bank and a short time later, moored up and taking on water.  That done, I chugged off.  Quite a windy day, but with very little traffic thank goodness.  Canal boats are notorious for being shall we say difficult, in any wind.  I must admit to  some trepidation at handling Tricky on my own, but she played the game and all went surprisingly smoothly.

By 4 ish I was moored once again at the junction with the Welford arm.  Even managed to tune in the T.V., which is a dark art usually left to Ali !

Was going to drown some maggots, but the wind is so strong and chilly that I think this is a pleasure for the morrow.

Forgive me if  this post is not up to standard, but I am an I.T. eediot and the instructions about adding photo's left by Ali may well go awry!
Wednesday mooring.

 Not a good picture of "Toss a coin" in Yelvertoft marina.

 Tonights mooring.
 And remember.
Wednesday 5 miles.
Thursday  5 miles
Thursday  10 miles.


  1. Give our regards to Ali for next week
    P & E

  2. Will do. She is not looking forward to it and did not want to go home.


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