Monday, 17 September 2012

A catch up part 2

Well that was a weekend which saw the mileage creep up a tad!  Baz, Ali's brother in law asked if he could visit for the weekend. Friday saw me moored at the junction with the Welford Arm and so I somewhat stupidly suggested that we meet at North Kilworth Wharf on Saturday morning.

Those of you that really know this location, will also know just how congested it is with no moorings, and caught on the hop, it was only a mile or so away!  So Saturday morning off I set and of course upon arrival could not moor up.  No alternative then but to carry on through Husbands Bosworth Tunnel and on to Foxton, where we arranged to meet up.  Seven miles later and by this time noon, I met with Baz...

We then set off back towards Crick, a seventeen mile journey with no locks.  It was a fine day and the countryside is very pleasant.  We also saw a pair of Red Kite's floating on the thermals near Welford, keeping the gliders company.  Arrived at Crick at 1810, moored up and walked to the Wheatsheaf where we had a rather pleasant meal and partook in a little liquid refreshment.

Sunday morning was again bright if a little chilly and breezy. Negotiating the anglers who were setting up for a match, we turned and began the trip back to Foxton.  Once again very pleasant it was and Baz (aka Roger the cabin boy) mastered his steering skills.  He did almost all the tiller work and thoroughly enjoyed it.  We also spied that rare beast, a Water Vole during the trip back. Once again it took us six hours to cover the seventeen miles and arriving at Foxton we winded and moored, then had a walk down the inclined plane.  Had an evening meal in would you believe the pub!

Baz has gone home this morning and I am awaiting Sam from Foxton Boat Services for a much needed service.
Red Kite's

Baz.  A man at ease.
 And startled by the sunlight leaving the tunnel
Some things dead can still look stunning 

Friday 10 miles, no locks,
Saturday 24 miles, no locks, 1166 yards of tunnel.(twice!)
Sunday 17 miles, no locks, 1166 yards of tunnel.

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