Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Service done.

Sam came yesterday afternoon and the 1250 hours service was duly completed, albeit a little late !  I had walked down the lock flight in the morning in order to retrieve my washing and bumped into Sam.  He asked if I could  move the boat to just south of bridge 60, so he could park his van nearer to the boat.

As I had already winded, but was in dire need of water, I reversed around the bend to the top of the locks were the water points are situated.  Sod's law, there were two boats moored waiting to go down the locks, but there was JUST enough room for me to moor up for water between them.  Now reversing, then mooring with a side wind blowing the boat away from the bank is always tricky, but when you are on your own, it becomes a dark art.

Well, reversed in with only a few feet to play with, touched neither boat, or the bank and glided in and moored up.  Got a few compliments on my boat handling skills, but failed to admit luck played a greater part than my skill!  So watered up, then moved the short distance just beyond bridge 60.  N.B. Oakfield was also moored here, and so after a natter and coffee on their boat, then a tour of ours, they set off towards Debdale for blacking.

Sam arrived mid afternoon and the service was completed.  I decided a walk was in order, so went down the locks only to find Oakfield in the middle pound, due to the number of boats coming up. Had another natter, then back to the boat.  Due to the time I decided to stay put, charged up the batteries and managed to set up the satellite dish.  T.V. for the first time in days.  Had a chill out evening.

This morning I was off at 9 am.  The "breeze" was quite strong and chilly.  Not long after moving I became aware of an annoying rattling from the area of the exhaust.  Now I had yesterday tightened this somewhat, so thought mayhap a bit too much!  Carried on through Husbands Bosworth Tunnel and to the junction with the Welford arm, where I have moored.  A pleasant trip with little traffic and none through the tunnel.  Out came the spanners and lifting the deck boards, saw a nut nestling near the stern gland!  Problem 1, you have to be a contortionist and a slim one to retrieve this.  As I am neither, was a tad difficult, but I did it!   The nut came from the exhaust bracket and I have now put it back together and tightened.  Engine on, bliss, end of rattle!

We are still toying with the idea of a hospital silencer and I was going to pop into North Kilworth Wharf, but it was just too busy.  The silencer lets down the cocooned engine, but sounds a lot better now I have tightened it up!

Looking forward to a spot of fishing this afternoon, if the "breeze" abates!

Even managed to set up the Satellite dish, so got T.V again, whey hey!  (Not that there is anything worth watching!)
Off to Debdale.

 Approaching the Tunnel portal.
 Today's mooring spot.

7 miles, no locks, one Tunnel 1166 yards

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