Friday, 28 September 2012

Weathering the storms at Crick and a Valedictory cruise

Since Ali left to return to work, I have basically hunkered down at Crick whilst the worst of the weather passed.  The lack of internet at this location meant that I did not even power the computer up!  Just about had a mobile signal, if I stood on one leg on the rear deck!  Did have a good telly connection via the satellite, and Radio 4 came into its own, as did the Kindle.

By Wednesday, with the worst of the weather passed, I was raring to get once more on the move.  Switched on the shower, then the pump.... The water refused to dissapear from the shower tray.  So bed up and delved under for the pump.  This I removed, dismantled then re assembled and it worked! So had a belated shower by which time the weather had turned so once again stayed put.

Thursday broke fine dry and sunny.  Shower on, again no pump. Tinkered a little and it began working after a fashion.  Watered up and boy did I need it, then began a rather pleasant cruise just north of Yelvertoft then winded.  It was still so pleasant as I one again approached Crick, that I carried on through the Tunnel and once again winded just above Watford locks, before returning through the tunnel again and mooring at you guessed it, Crick.

Ali arrived late that night and so this morning we decided to shower before setting off for the marina. Yep, bloody pump refused to start.  So we braved the wind, refuelled at Crick marina, then took our winter mooring slot.  As we had the car, a quick trip to Braunston saw us relieved of dosh at Midland chandlers, coming away with a Whale Gulper. This I have fitted and joy oh joy, it works. 

We spent the rest of today washing the boat.  The weather held and became quite sunny.  Taking advantage of the vacant berth next to us, we cleaned both sides and Ali was able to do a little touching up of the paintwork.  Time to go home..... We will pop back as frequently as we can and mayhap have the odd day out weather permitting.

Thursday. 13 miles, 3056 Yards of Tunnel.

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