Sunday, 9 September 2012

Winter mooring booked!

The day dawned bright and we ....stayed in bed!  So mid morning we had showered and were ready for the day.  Set off about 1100 and headed for the Watford flight.  Sudden reality check as the M1 neared.  This is a really pleasant section and appears very rural and tranquil, apart from the trains and the motorway.

We arrived at the foot of the flight and were surprised to see only one boat ahead of us.  Ali went in search of the staff to book in and was told that we were up after the boat ahead of us!  No time to water up and so up we went...

As usual, the staff spoke to Ali, knew she was not a complete eediot, so left us to it, whilst they escorted and worked the locks for the hire boat ahead of us.  Does seem a tad unfair!  Anyway, pleasant day, wind rising, and up we went.  The locks here are rather temperate, and easy to use with no savage movements .

At the top, we watered and emptied with ner a boat in sight and then set off towards Crick tunnel. This is straight and wide and with no boats opposing us, swiftly passed through with no hindrance.  Was a tad wet in parts though! 

e entering the sunlight, we had a short chug into Crick.  This is a media blackspot.  We have very limited Internet and phone signal and heaven forbid, no TV.!   We had a wander into the marina and are now booked in for our winter mooring.  Looks good.  After a walk into the village to top up with vittles, well milk actually, we walked back and went to the The Wheatsheaf, for a Sunday roast and very nice it was to.  The Moorings (Bistro) looked equally inviting but we arrived just as they were completing service which was a shame.

Now moored up for the night opposite the marina.  Tomorrow we will bus to collect the car from Buckby and Crick Marina have kindly said we can leave it with them until we are ready for home.

Had a chat with James and Doug, nb chane (N.B.Chance) and had a catch up.  Nice to hear from you and keep in touch over the cold winter.

Watford Locks

Crick Tunnel

Inside the tunnel great Stalactites

5 Miles 7 Locks Crick Tunnel 1528 yards

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