Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Quick Update

John is still in Crick although hoping to go for a cruise tomorrow.  He has stayed put partly due to the weather, then the water pump packed in so he had to faff around with that, he has got it working again but isn't convinced that it is fixed.  I did comment at the weekend that I thought it was making a strange noise!  I need to find the paperwork out to see how long the guarantee is, bet its run out.  John also discovered that its not the pump we thought we had, so we may now change it for what we originally wanted, especially if it goes again.

We have also had a Engineer out to look at the exhaust set up with a view to fitting a hospital silencer.  As we thought and had discussed at TW Marine its a big job, as the deck drain would need moving,  it would restrict access to the Webasco, etc etc, so its not going to be an option as we really don't think its worth it.  It is really disappointing though, after having the cocooned engine to then have a loud exhaust really defeats the object.  We are going to explore improving the quality of what is already in place, so we may be able to improve it a bit.

The weather and flooding has been awful the last few days and its really sad to read about boats sinking and people being caught in the floods.  The Trent & Mersey has breached and the photos around show that it is a serious breach and there is more than one breach apparently along the same stretch between Middlewich & Preston Brook, we cruised this stretch earlier in the year.

A video of the breach is on you tube (click this link)

I can remember passing these boats

Its a big 'ole

Not the same spot but this is what the Trent & Mersey looked like in May

It was a tad windy and wet on the East Coast this week and to make matters worse, one week back in the NHS environment and I have a throat infection - the joy of working in the NHS!

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