Thursday, 20 September 2012

Crick, again!

This is a quick update whilst I wait for Ali to drive down from Bridlington!  She is returning to the boat this evening and will stay until Sunday. This work thing really gets in the way!

Today I have made the 10 mile trip from the Welford junction, to Crick.  Watered at Yelvertoft and managed to get into virtually the last mooring available.  As usual, internet reception is SLOW here, so no pic's. Not a bad day weather wise, after a few showers in the morning.

Just as I approached Yelvertoft, the rattle from the exhaust returned.  This has been the bane of my existance. Got to Crick and let things cool down, then up with the boards. This time it was the bolt on the opposite side of the bracket.  Now this is shall we say a bar steward to get to, but I eventually got there and tightened it up. Sorted, for now!  I really must get the exhaust sorted and seek an engineer to fit if possible one of the smaller hospital silencers.  This will be awkward as the rear deck drain tube cuts across the space available, hence why the one supplied with the engine was not fitted I guess!

Enough of Auspuffs.  Looking forward to seeing Ali again.

10 Miles, no locks.

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