Thursday, 17 July 2014

You might just say, it was blooming hot!

We left our overnight mooring just before nine and made our way under the bridge and to the first lock of the day.  We had seen ner a boat moving.  As Ali prepared the lock and I entered to start the ascent, a boat appeared above the lock.  It transpired that they would be turning below then heading our way.  So we somewhat dawdled to the next lock and waited for them to catch us up.

So we shared all the subsequent locks with them and had an easier passage. I think that they also appreciated the assistance and being fellow scousers, we bonded and enjoyed the sun together.  Saying that, as the morning progressed, so did the temperature.  With hardly a breath of wind, twas a tad warm.  Well bloody hot actually. Stenson lock is the last of the wide locks for some time now, it seems an age since we last met them at Foxton. So looking forward to them now, easy peasy after some we have negotiated.

Now we have a small problem depending on your point of view.  Last Sunday, the washer/dryer expired.  This happened on a drying cycle and we hoped that it had overheated and would re set on cooling down.  It was not to be.  Ali finally convinced the good people at John Lewis repair that our boat is our domicile, so they eventually agreed to send an engineer to us.  Obviously, we had to be at an accessible location to facilitate this, so we booked into Mercia Marina at Willington.  We arrived at 2 pm, did the booking in palaver and were moored by half past.  Ali began the washing in their excellent facilities and we walked and had a coffee and a cake whilst this was cycling. Quick visit to Midland Chandlers and back to the boat to cool off.

As the washer is built in, I dismantled the unit to allow it to be pulled out.  If we do have to replace it, it would probably be easier to dismantle it in situ as it is a tight fit and would have to be lifted over the work surface.  It is also blooming heavy.

This marina has matured somewhat since we last visited.  The trees and vegetation have grown, softening the look.  At the same time, the lodges and massive new offices/ restaurant being built on the promontory in front of the chandlers somewhat dominate the vista.  I am not sure I like the look.  Still, horses for courses.

Around six, Ali had a call from the engineer attending to the poorly washer.  He will be here at 7.15 A.M.!

So no lie in tomorrow!  At least we will not be waiting around all day and if it is fixed, we can be off before the rain and to Alrewas past the river section. If not, whats another day on hook up with water on tap.  Must try to keep out of the chandlers though.  Tis a boaters sweet shop.

Miles 11
Locks 5 ( Big un's )

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