Saturday, 19 July 2014

A quick update.

Well, as promised, the washer repair man came, ( 0720 hrs!), he saw, dismantled and diagnosed.  It would appear that a PCB board has blown.  There is power to it, but the little tinker does nothing with it!

Our model has two such PCB's, so to be on the safe side, both are to be replaced.  As they are not stock items, they have had to be ordered. We are hoping that they arrive and can be fitted Monday/Tuesday. In the meantime we have pottered. Walked into Willington yesterday evening and had a rather nice meal in The Green Man, knowing that the forecast for today was a tad damp.  I do wish there was not a Midland Chandlers on site, as we have been in three times to date!  Like kid's in a sweet shop....

They got it right those met bod's.  Well in part they did.  The rain came after midnight and has not stopped.  Now just after midday and it is hammering it down.  They forecast a somewhat more arid period between 10 and 2, but no sign yet.

Still, counting our blessings, we are on hook up, full water tank, empty loo and brilliant Tv and radio.  What more could one want.  So sitting out the storms.

If they get it right and tomorrow dawns fair, we may pop into Burton and mayhap re visit the Green Man for a late lunch.  Tis a hard life, but someone has to do it!

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