Monday, 7 July 2014

Chasing the Sun, before the rain.

We awoke this morning to a beautiful day.  Having made good use of the electric hook up last night, washing and drying three loads, we decided to make the most of it.  So before setting off , immersion on, showered, then hoovered  through the boat.  With the tank topped up. it was time to go.

We enjoyed the return to Foxton.  The sun was shining, it was very quiet boat wise and we made steady progress.  A beautiful area.  At the junction, right turn and onto the Leicester line proper once again.  The sun still shone, still no boats moving and we headed north.

Of course, all this relaxing cruising had to end.  Having passed through Saddington tunnel, we soon approached the first lock of the day.  These are doubles's.  Not a boat in sight, so it was on our lonesome, with every lock having to be filled before making the descent towards Leicester.  We are in no rush and having sought the advice of Karen & Ian (N.B. Serenity), decided that between bridges 78 & 79 looked good.  In fact, we had previously marked this spot on our Nicholson's on a previous trip.  So we descended five locks and moored in a lovely spot near Wistow church.  By this time it was mid afternoon.  Ali decided to walk to the garden centre, whilst I decided to make some adjustment to the trim.  Since loading up, we have had a distinct list to starboard.  We have several "Avery" 56lb weights on board.  Judicial shifting of these between lockers seems to have brought us back on an even keel. ( Not that we have one! )

By late afternoon, the gathering clouds on the horizon broke.  We think that we missed a major downpour, being on the fringe of a summer storm, but it did rain.  Having enjoyed a lovely Steak, now chilling out.  Actually, quite literally.... The replacement freezer has now been well tested and functions really well and is not hammering the battery bank.  So glass of wine enjoyed.

Exiting Saddington Tunnel

First of the double locks

The view from our mooring tonight

Locks 5
Miles 12
Tunnel 800 yds
Swing bridges 2


  1. Hi both sorry we missed before you left. Have a good season and we may meet up some day

  2. Hi Both. If you are heading out, our paths may well cross. It would be nice to meet up. Failing that, see you in the autumn. :)


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