Monday, 28 July 2014

Two day update. Our shortest ever cruise and up to Macclesfield.

Sunday dawned clear and bright once again.  As we had only just over a mile to our intended destination, we took it easy, showered and set off about 0930.

Just after 10am, we arrived at the visitor moorings in Congleton, just prior to Dog lane aqueduct.  One boat in residence upon arrival, but in what seemed like minutes, the moorings were full, so lucky we set off when we did.  After a coffee, we walked down the hill towards the town centre.  Just as we reached the bottom, a car horn alerted us to the arrival of Ken and Lynda. They were to visit their boat builder on Monday, but had travelled down to check out a marina and get their canal fix.  We decided to walk into town and would you believe it, ended up in a place selling alcohol!  Poor Ken was driving, so none for him.  After a rather filling roast dinner, we went back to the boat for a chat and coffee.  Why we took no pictures, I just do not know.  Their plans are now well advanced and hopefully today their meet with the builder went swimmingly.  All the very best both, this time next year you will be floating!

We were both rather podged after lunch and chilled out reading.  This morning we were up early and as yet again the sky was blue, we decided to make a start at about 0745. A rather pleasant cruise the 4.5 miles to the bottom of Bosley locks, if a little chilly in the shade of the trees. There were no boats waiting to ascend, but at least two ahead of us, so Ali had to empty the locks before we made our way up.  These twelve locks are amongst the prettiest on the system. Well maintained and with stunning views, particularly in the stunning weather we are having at the moment.  Only two boats descended during our ascent, but we developed a good system and made it up with relative ease.

At the top, made use of the services and then bimbled towards Macclesfield.  In places the canal is rather narrow and shallow.  The bridges are of stone construction and are stunning.  Pity some of the herbage around them has not had a trim, but this is a very beautiful stretch. Two swing bridges tackled and a fill of diesel obtained from N.B Alton on his moorings at Oakgrove.  He never said, but it is his birthday today, so cheers from us.

By 1430 we arrived at Gurnett aqueduct, were there are some rather nice moorings. Looked rather full, but we asked a Black Prince boat if they could shuffle up and they did, enabling us to get in. Big thank you to them.

So now cooling down.  The forecast said 22 here abouts today, but it feels much warmer than that and with little breeze to speak of.
Turnover bridge

Ali wiping the dew off the roof 

A painted cow, we have seen frogs in Hull & Gromits in Bristol but not sure where the cow comes from?

Lovely views

Miles 11
Locks 12
Swing bridges 2

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