Tuesday, 8 July 2014

A short Hop.

We watched the weather forecast last night.  Sometimes, this can be a mistake. In view of the fact that very heavy rain was due after noon we decided to have a short cruise today, enough to top up the battery bank before the heavens opened.

We were also mindful of the fact that to cruise into Leicester would be a push, a bridge and lock or two too far!  All being well, tomorrow should see us in Leicester, so today we have moored in Kilby. This leaves us twelve locks to tackle.  As we are moored tonight opposite the services, this will be our first call in the morning.

This morning was beautiful and hot. So much so that Ali slapped disgusting sun cream over my follicley challenged head.  We had seven locks to tackle and there was not another moving boat in sight.  We eventually did see one, coming up the fourth lock, but it is exceedingly quiet on this stretch.  By 11.30, we were at Kilby and moored up.  After lunch we tackled the engine.  The tick over was a tad slow, so this has been tweaked so that the idle speed is just a little faster.

Ali decided to walk to a supermarket whilst I made an adjustment to a rail in the wardrobe.  As I was doing this, the heavens opened.  Luckily, twas but a shower and Ali managed to shelter.  The walk was a little further than anticipated! Since then, whilst we have had a few showers, nothing resembling the deluge forecast!

The boat is behaving well. (famous last words and all that!).  So looking forward to the morrow and hoping we can get in at the Castle moorings.  At least we have a fresh supply of cake.  Ali has just taken a rather nice cherry cake from the oven. I may have a sample, purely for quality control!

First lock of the day

Our mooring tonight

Locks 7
Miles 3 ( yes, three! )

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