Friday, 25 July 2014

The heat was on, so an early start.

Last night after our superb meal, I must admit to being a tad tired.  Ali reckoned it was the beer, but I think it was the heat!  So bed early and I am afraid the snoring I am told I am prone to, meant Ali had to put up with the dinette!  Having never heard myself snore, I think it is a myth.....

As a result of the early night, we were both up by 0615 and decided to make a start before the temperature began to rise.  It was a still misty morning with a clear blue sky, a promise of the heat to come.  We were the first on the move and soon ascended the first lock of the day. We then had a leisurely chug along the long pound which ends at Aston lock, virtually next to the marina and just south of Stone.  It became apparent that nearly all the boat traffic appeared to be heading north, so most locks were against us. After ascending Aston and Star lock in Stone, we managed to moor next to the car park in order to shop in the town and at Morrison's for some essentials.

When we set off , we were in something of a convoy. Once up yard lock we stopped for the services at the base of Newcastle road lock.  Two boats were immediately ahead of us, with another arriving behind us when we entered the lock.  This chap was on something of a mission, aiming for Etruria by late afternoon.  Was it the heat which had built up, or was he just a grump, who knows, but he was not a very happy chappy.  Our little group ascended all the subsequent locks of the Meaford flight virtually one after another.  Nothing was coming south. 

Our destination hove into view mid afternoon.  This was between Barlaston and Old road bridge, near to the winding hole.  Tis a lovely spot and feels quite rural.  I managed to drown more maggots whilst Ali walked to the Wedgewood shop.  It is all being redeveloped, with housing being built on part of the site, Ali then did some work on her return.

So we are set up to tackle Stoke and the Harecastle tunnel tomorrow, then onto the Macc.  We are aiming for Congleton on Sunday were we hope to meet up with Lynda and Ken. 

So another very warm day.  Shower is beckoning, then another early (ish) start.

Misty morning

First lock of the day

Fabulous reflections

Half way point of the Trent & Mersey canal  

The herons are now often seen in urban areas

Our neighbours tonight, mother moorhen keeps coming to the side hatch and shouting for more food, which she then takes back across the canal to her 5 babies, dad isn;t quite so loud

Miles  8.5
Locks  10

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