Thursday, 3 July 2014

First Day Out

After the delay due to John's knee operation we are finally on our way.  After Ali finished work on Friday we could actually do with a rest as subsequent days we have been very busy.  We transported all our chattels down to the boat on Tuesday evening, after a long day, preparing the house and sorting out things.  By about 10:30 pm we had emptied the car and stowed everything away, we were both truly shattered, so much so that the following morning John did not wake up until 9:45 and that was only as Ali decided he ought to get up!  Nothing to do with the beers that we deservedly gave ourselves as a reward for our long day!

So the rest of Wednesday we made use of the car to do a 'food run' and get some bits in Rugby.  Again as we had worked so hard we decided to take advantage of the 'meal voucher' won by Ken & Lynda Smith at Crick show that they had very kindly donated to us, this entitled us to a 2 course meal and bottle of wine 'free' at the Wheatsheaf in Crick, so we wandered up and had a lovely meal and it only cost us £18 and guess what that was - John's beer (and Ali's pud!!)  We strolled back to the marina and stopped with a chat with Lizzie from NB Panda, before retiring for the night, and we didn't take much rocking again.

This morning we paid our electricity bill (as it was quarter end) and left the marina in bright sunshine, this really is old territory for us, but more than pleasant all the same, appropriately the first bride of the day was number 13 (Triskaideka).  We meandered our way around Cracks Hill and Yelvertoft, passed under the roar of the A14, although familiar this is a lovely stretch of canal, and was very quiet only seeing a hand full of moving boats all day, and not that many moored up, although there was one where we had decided to moor, so we carried on a little further and have stopped for the day at Aqueduct Moorings at Welford Junction.

John decided it was time to get the fishing road out and drown some maggots and worms, although he caught quite a few, its a good job we didn't need them for tea!  After tea we decided to walk down to North Kilworth to see what we thought was work in progress of the new marina, although there is very little evidence of the development which we thought opened next spring.

Our mooring

Bridge 13

Loving our new 'muggi'

A lovely perch 

 Welford Arm junction

10 miles no locks

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