Monday, 21 July 2014

The Great escape and a white knuckle ride.

 Well, we remain at Mercia Marina held captive by the vaguaries of the washer repair man, but today we decided to escape for a while.

After the storms of yesterday, the day dawned somewhat brighter.  Yesterday, a brief glimpse of the sun in the afternoon saw Ali making a foray on the bus into Derby.  We were in serious need of vittles.  About an hour after she had gone, the sky darkened, thunder rumbled and the rain hammered. Happily, by the time she got back, there was a respite, so not too damp.

With the improvement today, we decided to sample the delights of Burton on Trent. Nothing to do with this being the brewing capitol of the nation you understand!  So 10.30 am saw us waiting for the quaintly named villager bus, the V3.  This must be some sort of vengence weapon for the unwary.....

We set off ok, but the driver had no comprehension of the concept of passenger comfort.  We hurtled around the lanes glancing the odd bush and kerb and braking so severely that we gripped the seats to  hold on.  Whilst we were " enjoying" the ride, the locals on the bus, average age 82, took it in their stride and did not bat an eyelid.  No need to visit Alton Towers for a thrill, save your money and get the V3!

After a period of recovery, we wandered Burton and collected a few bits and pieces.  Now as said, this is a brewing Mecca, so would have been downright rude not to visit the museum, which we duly did.  Very well done and the entrance price entitles you to a pint each!  So we had a quick snifter, like you do.

The ride back to Willington was not quite as exilerating.  The driver had obviously not had the full Alton Towers training.  We  left the bus at Willington and had a rather nice roast at the Green Man, plus a drink or three!  We then wended our way along the canal towpath back to the marina.

Ali Hammered the washing machines again, whilst I thought deep thoughts, as I do. !!

So we had a grand day out.  Now back in the stalag, recovering.....And dreaming of our liberation.

The entry cost included a pint, or two halves, or four testers!

This is a lovely wild flower meadow at Mercia
(photo doesn't do it justice, used my phone)

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