Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Fradley, Armitage and Rugeley.........and a wash load done!

Today we gave the washing machine its first test after repair and it passed!  So nice to be once again independent in this respect.  It was also a good drying day, hot, but with a brisk breeze, which made it a little more bearable on the tiller and dried the wash load a treat.

This morning we left Alrewas after the initial surge of boats towards the locks and a walk to the butchers for some steak.  Whilst we did not have to wait at any lock more than a few minutes, it was certainly busier than we have become used to.  We are certainly in hire boat country and it is nice to see them enjoying their holidays on the canals.  The next generation of boat owners are today's hirer's.

Ascending to Fradley junction, we stopped at the services. As there is only one tap, we emptied the loo and bin only.  The single tap was slow, with two boats waiting to use it and we were not in any desperate need, knowing there was another water point on our intended course today.  We were however tempted by the waft of bacon from the cafe.  Just too rude not to partake, so we did. 

These narrow locks are a doddle and we soon saw the last one of the day above Fradley.  We then poodled through the countryside (washer on) and made our way to the loo capitol of the world that is Armitage.  Quick stop there and shank's pony to a fishing tackle shop to get some bait.  Poor lady in the shop had an aversion to maggots, so it was self service.  Soon back on the boat and watered up at the point just shy of Rugeley.  The canal passes through the rather attractive outskirts of the town, then crosses the River Trent on the Brindley aqueduct.  We have when previously passing, noted some attractive rural moorings between the aqueduct and Wolseley bridge and managed to find an ideal spot.  Once tied up, it was out with the fishing rod, whilst Ali did some baking.

It was about 4pm when we moored, but boats kept passing for another three hours or so, most heading north.  Funny how the hirer's on the whole at least make some attempt to slow down, which cannot be said of many of the privateers.

This was a little island of weed floating down the canal with two ducks sat on it!

Catch of the day

Miles 11
Locks 8

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