Thursday, 24 May 2012

The sun still has his hat on (hip hip hip hooray)

Yesterday was again, after a misty start, well, glorious. The boat was once again looking it's best after Ali's ministrations, with all the splots from exiting the lift now gone. I know that "one swallow does not maketh a summer" but arising this morning to a clear blue sky certainly makes it appear that the season has finally arrived. Almost a Mediterranean feel !

We pulled the pins and continued our northerly wander. Whilst we have now agenda as such, we do have a vague plan. Part of this included doing the Liverpool link if possible. Ali phoned B.W. (is it still called that?) and enquired. They needed the electronic application, which Ali had already drafted, and so we waited for a response. It sort of suited us to go in on the 30/05/12, returning 02/06/12. A telephone call a short while later stated that this was not possible, but we could go in on the 1st, and return on the 2nd. We said we would discuss.

Deciding that if that was all that was on offer, we would go for it Ali rang back. The lady dealing was on the phone, but would ring back. When Ali again spoke to her, a place on our requested dates had freed up, so we are off next Wednesday !

This now gives us an idea of our cruising pattern up to this date, so today we will pass through the Manchester conurbation and head for the Worsley area. Getting back to yesterday, after passing through Dutton stop lock and the Preston brook tunnel, we stopped at Midland chandlers for some loo treatment and decided that we really did need some water and an elsan point. Now the Bridgewater is not exactly well appointed with services, but Nicholsons did show one somewhere in the area of the junction with the Runcorn arm. I held the boat under the M56, whilst Ali went for a recce. A chap exiting the arm told her the services were just up the arm and past the entrance to the marina. A quick divert saw us replenished with water and empty of the other, then reversed and turned in the marina entrance to resume north.

This area, whilst semi urban is very pleasant all the same. Suppose the weather helps with perception but we passed through Moore and Stockton Heath commenting on just how well kept the area was, with some lovely houses. We arrived in Lymm mid afternoon and have done a little shopping. Now once again ready for the off.

11 miles, 1 stop lock, Preston Brook Tunnel 1239 yards


  1. Hi Ali and John, Bridgewater Marina is excellent for fuel and pump outs etc, we had a couple of nights in the marina last year, well worth it, the mother and son that run it are really helpful. Enjoy yourselves in Liverpool!

  2. Thank you chaps. We have passed the marina and are now moored at Plank lane bridge ready for an early start in the morning as we need to be at the B.W. office at Wigan before 1200 tomorrow. x


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