Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Liverpool Link into Salthouse Dock

Yesterday we cruised from Burscoe to Melling, it was quiet pleasant cruise, through open countryside, we passed Scarisbrick Marina which looks 3/4 empty despite being open a few years.  There are lots of linear moorings along the canal and cruising club moorings.  One one of which we had a 'through the hatch' conversation with fellow blogger Debbie from NB Tickety Boo.  The five swing bridges were all different in operation and one the road was so busy that I couldn't even get across the road to operate it.  Last night we moored near Melling along with the other boats undertaking the Liverpool Link this morning.

This morning we left our mooring and cruised the last mile to our meeting point with BW.  There was a little confusion when the BW guys arrived as there were 6 boats but one was a wide beam, the norm is only 6 boats down the link at once, a wide beam counting as 2 so there were too many boats.  A few phone calls and everything was cleared for us all to continue.  The BW guys opened the first swing bridge and we were on our way.  There were three narrow boats in front of us, us, then the widebeam followed by two more narrow boats, we were glad we were in front of the wide beam due to the amount of rubbish and weed in the canal.  We passed Aintree Race course and could see the jumps through the hedge.  By the time we met BW at the next swing bridge the wide beam and the others were no where to be seen, we were let through the bridge and we continued.  We then cruised through Litherland and Bootle.  The canal was not as bad as we expected, we did have to reverse a few times to clear the prop but fortunately we did not have to go down the weed hatch, but all three of the other boats with us did.  We met up the the BW guys again at Stanley Lock flight where they helped us down.  We then were asked to make our way through the docks to Princess Dock Lock, which had been set for us, however when we left the lock we had to reset it for the boats behind as there is no pontoon or anything for anyone to get off their boat to work the lock.  It was amazing travelling through the docks, the large expanse of water with huge derelict buildings on either side makes you feel very small.  We headed through Stanley Dock, Collingwood Dock, and Salisbury Dock at the Victoria Clock Tower we turned left and headed through the new channel towards Princess Dock.  This gave us a great view of the Liver Buildings and the Three Graces.  As we passed through Princess Dock there was a Cruise Ship moored on the Mersey, its the Caribbean Princess (I think), its huge.  We then passed down towards the new Museum, not often we feel like a tourist attraction, but as it was a nice day, there were loads of people around and talking to us, we then passed under the new tunnels into Mann Island Lock where we were met again by the BW guys, the levelled the lock and we thanked them for their help.  We cruised through Canning Dock into Albert Dock and onto our mooring in Salthouse Dock.

The convoy going through the first swing bridge

Down the Stanley Lock Flight

 Towards the Victoria Clock Tower

Cruise ship on the right

Down to Princes Dock

Under the Museum

Into Albert Dock

Jelly fish in the dock

Isle of Mann Ferry dwarfed by the Cruise Ship

Tuesday 13 miles 0 locks 5 swing bridges
Wednesday 11 miles 6 locks 2 swing bridges


  1. It was lovely to see you both, all be it a quick chat! Hope you enjoy your stay in Liverpool. Your boat is fabulous!


  2. Very envious. We were put off when we were in the area, now we have got to wait awhile before we get the chance again. Great photos. xx

  3. Hi Karen and Ian.

    Liverpool is fantastic, and I am not just saying that because it is my home city. The trip in is stress free and the B.W./C.A.R.T lad's are brill. Liverpool itself is an eye opener. If you have any misconceptions throw them out. It is a must do. Just spent the day visiting the many museums. Pit that we cannot extend our stay.


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