Saturday, 19 May 2012

Onwards to pastures new.

Our brief sojourn on the Middlewich arm has come to an end. I must say, previous impressions of Middlewich itself have not always been that favourable. I don't know why, but in the past always saw it as a place to pass through. Because we had arranged to have the service completed their, we stayed for a day and a half, and enjoyed it! The branch itself has an underrated beauty, with some stunning views and really good moorings. Last night saw us revisiting the White bear. We had a lovely meal, not over expensive and it is worth a visit if you are passing. Looks like it has recently been rebuilt and refurbished. Good choice of ales too. Better than any of the "canalside pubs".  We also visited Le Patissier for coffee which was really nice and the scones were very good, very close to Ali's mums recipe, which she and her sisters have been trying to achieve for years, in fact they were so good we had to have them twice!

As promised , Chris Jones, who can be found on the Beta marine site, came to do the 750 hour service. What a very nice chap. He did a thorough job and did not charge the earth, so well recommended.  Chris also raised the issue of our exhaust, enquiring why we hadn't got a hospital silencer when we have a cocooned engine, we explained that the supplied hospital silencer would not fit.  He was surprised, and has suggested alternatives that would easily fit into the engine room.  We are going to explore these options as we had only been chatting to each other a couple of days previously about how the noise from our exhaust lets the quietness of the boat down.  We also hope that this would then solve the vibration issue.

We upped sticks this morning at ten and then passing Maureen's old cottage at Wardle lock, turned north on the T & M once again and dropped down the remaining four locks. Just think, no more locks for a fair while now, what will Ali do ! The weather appears on the up, whilst it was cloudy this morning, (after the overnight downpour) this afternoon it has brightened up. We have had a steady chug, arriving mid afternoon at Anderton, where we have used the services and filled up with diesel. Now all ready for the boat lift onto the Weaver in the morning.. We had a walk to the lift this afternoon and watched the one boat waiting, descend onto the river. It is a fantastic bit of kit and we are looking forward to the experience of it, and the river.

The Hawthorne blossom is in full bloom and smells lovely

Middlewich Big Lock

Croxton Aquaduct

A willow tree down across the river Dane

Croxton Flash

Cast Iron Girders holding up the bridges

Our first signets of the year (and a very proud Mum)

The canal is wide with flashes along the way

Whilst using the services this after Steamboat Emily Anne came out of the marina

Anderton Lift

River Weaver

A boat coming down & out

NB Ferndale & NB Yelvertoft on the River Weaver

10.5 miles 5 locks 

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