Tuesday, 15 May 2012

A quick update.

Yesterday we moved from our mooring in rather high winds and poodled along the Middlewich branch. This is a lovely stretch of water, very rural and with a number of very good moorings along the way.

We had decided that it was time for a major wash fest. Whilst we have a washer/dryer on board, it's use is always dependant upon fully drying the clothing. To be honest, the weather is just not up to it at the moment. We usually leave items in the cratch  to air, but the cold will just not abate and so finishing the drying there is not practical at the moment.

So we are now in Aqueduct marina. Good facilities and using our washer in combination with theirs, the majority of the washing is now done. So clean we be. Think whilst we are on shoreline it is time to get the hoover out today !

As the Internet reception is so good here, we will also catch up on other jobs, like renewing our licence and insurance, so a large chunk of our savings will take a hit today.

It has persisted down overnight and when I awoke to the sound of heavy rain drumming on the roof at 0600, the sky was as black as black could be. As I type, the sun is making it's first appearance with the hope it will stay with us for at least some of the day. The birds seem happy whatever the weather and the dawn chorus was not abated by the downpour.

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