Thursday, 17 May 2012

Retracing our steps

We made our way out of the marina yesterday morning in glorious sunshine it was still a little windy though.  John did a great job as we had to do a bit of tricky manuvouring to get from the pontoon and out of the entrance and the wind did start blowing us sideways but he got out with no problems.  We travelled back to Middlewich slowly there was no one queuing at the lock although two boats arrived at the bottom as we were coming down and there was a boat following us.  We have moored in Middlewich.  We went for a walk around yesterday, went to the chandlery, John had his hair cut and I went into Tesco.  It was a lovely evening so we went for a walk last night and to get some chips from the brill chippy opposite Kings Lock we also bumped into Diane and Raymond from NB Ferndale who were also enjoying some chips so we had a quick chat.   Today we haven't moved as its raining.  Hopefully tomorrow we will be having the engine serviced.
Our mooring in the marina


Stormy Skies

 Our return to Middlewich

There were lots of cowslips along the bank

There are two families of ducklings 
tiny ....

& quite a lot bigger, but this one has found a lovely spot

5.5 miles 1 lock

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