Thursday, 31 May 2012

Liverpool. Must do and a fantastic city.

Liverpool is a fab city. We have had a great day going around the museums. Now as a native, you are right to think that a certain amount of prejudice is involved here. Well no. I left Liverpool in the 70's, when it was in steep decline and the infrastructure was abysmal. The undoubted history was being demolished and the heart was being torn from the city.

So what happened?

Liverpool seized it's history and heritage. Preserved that which was good and remained. Added modern buildings that sat juxtaposed to them adding to the vista, and made a city that all who reside here should be more than proud of.  Seldom have we been anywhere that is so clean and friendly.  Be proud Liverpool. You deserve it.

So today we have visited the cultural heritage. Visiting the Walker art Gallery, and several museums.  The high points were the exhibition of the slave trade.  What a shameful episode in our history this was.  Very moving.  How can we hold our heads up high after this.  But, we cannot answer for our ancestors!

The Rolf Harris exhibition was also a revelation.  The man is brilliant, but view from a distance to get the best perspective.

Tonight we went out for a meal and then walked along the sea front.  The scenes speak for themselves. Tomorrow we will shop then chill, before meeting my cousin Brian and family.  Really looking forward to that.

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