Sunday, 13 May 2012

A little diversion

We awoke to sunshine this morning although accompanied by quite a strong gusty wind.  We dropped down two locks to Wheelock where we utilised the services.  We then continued along towards Middlewich this stretch of canal is quiet countryside that then gives way to an industrial feel, mainly salt mining.  There were lots of fishing matches today, must be a popular stretch for matches, although they were saying they hadn't caught much.

When we got to Kings Lock we turned onto the Middlewich Branch a small diversion as we are killing a bit of time waiting for an engine service later in the week so don't want to go past Northwich.  We really like the Middlewich Branch so its no hardship to be hanging around here.  We have moored tonight between Bridge 22 & 21 overlooking the Top Flash and the River Weaver.  Its still really windy so we are rocking well!

Fishermen everywhere

Wardle Lock Cottage
Its sad to know Maureen won't be giving boaters her advice on how
 to navigate the lock any more but I am sure she is still watching over us,
 and tutting at folks trying to get through in a hurry 

Middlewich Branch with waves

The view from our moorings tonight

8.5 miles 9 locks

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