Saturday, 12 May 2012


We decided to stay put today.  This morning we went into Sandbach, its a small market town which has retained much of its character.  The  market square had seven pubs around it, many of which survive as pubs today.  It was the monthly farmers market so we had a good wander around, tasting some of the local produce, John loves Cheshire cheese so he was in his element and we bought some, along with some very nice pies which are now in the freezer and bread.

I did a ring around yesterday to see if I could get my hair coloured, no-where had any appointments, however I learnt last year that if you call in they don't like to turn you away, the second hairdressers I tried today said they could squeeze me in, they were busy and were struggling for chairs at one point but I am really pleased with the result.

The Saxon crosses 
are two sandstone obelisks, they are believed to date from the 8th or 9th century and were a monument to the introduction of Christianity.  The larger depicts scenes from the bible and the smaller one shows events leading up to Paeda's conversion.  The crosses were broken up in the 17th century and scattered over a large area,  The stones were recovered and re-erected in 1816 by Dr George Ormerod.

Cobbled market square

Ye Olde Black Bear Inn, timbered and thatched from 1634AD 

The Hall built 1656 
the slates on the roof look like thick and heavy flagstones 
it must have good timbers holding them up

Lovely sunset tonight
(red sky at night...... - lets hope so!)

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