Sunday, 6 May 2012

Cold on the Caldon

It was a cold and chilly night, a frost this morning but lovely sunny skies as we set off.  The five Stockton Brook locks were really pleasant, passing the Old Pumping Station which is a lovely building and two of the locks having a stone sculpture by an Essex based sculptor, Anthony Lysycia, there is more information on Granny Buttons blog as Andrew made some enquiries when he saw them.  The canal is really pleasant and we soon reached the Leek branch junction where we turned off the main line.  There are some narrow bridges and tight corners, its a good job its not busy, although we did come across a Boat Club having a boat challenge which was interesting as it increased the boat traffic somewhat.  After the Leek tunnel we winded and returned along the branch, it is well worth the detour, we returned to the main Caldon Canal and descended the three Hazelhurst locks, we continued past the Holly Bush pub even though it had been recommended by numerous people and have moored above the Cheddleton Locks.
The Pumping Station

Stone Sculptures

A roundabout in the canal?
At Endon, there's a famous island in the centre of the canal with a traffic sign mounted on it. The sign warns of an obstruction, but doesn't explain what it is - which has been puzzling boaters ever since the waterway was restored. (The obstruction is the island itself, which is the site of an old railway swing-bridge.)

The Leek branch on the right the lock on the left

Looking down on the canal

Leek Tunnel, quite high

Back on the Caldon looking at the Aqueduct of the Leek Branch

The purple and green in the centre are boats on the Leek Branch

First outing this year for Angies pin covers

The view from our moorings tonight

11 miles 8 locks 1 tunnel (130 yards)


  1. The Caldon is one of my favourites. Once you get down to Consall Forge it really feels as though you're in the middle of nowhere, it's so remote. There's a fantastic mooring there between the weir and the bridge, with the Black Lion just across the railway line. Froghall Basin is well worth an explore (probably on foot, as I doubt you'll fit through the tunnel), but the moorings at Froghall are a disappointment.

  2. Hi Adam. We have done the Leek arm today and were impressed by the engineering and the physical beauty. Now moored just above Chedderton locks. Looks like the weather tomorrow is awful, so we will remain here methinks. Just walked back from the Holly Bush at Denford. Good meal and a lovely walk on a still evening. Looking forward to the passage down to Froghall, but as you say, do not think the tunnel is possible.


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