Monday, 1 July 2013

Goodbye day (Or should that be farewell?)

So long Bristol, nice getting to know you, we must meet again.

Goodbye also to Ian and Helen from N.B. Leo whom we have experienced the journey to and from the fair city.  Thank you so much for the journey, the meal out and your company. We both really enjoyed meeting you both and are sure our paths will cross again.

We now sit above Bath locks after a great trip up river. No traumas, just a great trip, made all the easier and more pleasurable by the company of N.B. Leo.  Ali has gone into Bath whilst I am having a chill out. The weather has been more than kind, with only a stiff breeze at times to add some interest.  We will tarry here a while in order to catch up with a few chores and try to track down a parcel I had delivered " Poste restante " Still in the system somewhere apparently!

Coming back into Bath I just had to copy Ian and reverse right back into Poultney weir.  Ali walked the towpath and took some photo's.  I promised that I would not go back too far and I was at least five foot from the base of the weir, so promise kept, well sort of!  It really is a must do when visiting.

Then it was back up the six locks, including the DEEP one ( 19' 5").   This fills from under the boats and whilst gentle, it does render a rather odd sensation as the boat judders from the force of the water.  I think Ian and I impressed ourselves when we exited one lock, swerved left and right to allow a wide beam hotel boat to exit the next, then glided into the lock together without even a kiss.  No audience to this brilliance of course....

I remain suprised by the lack of boats actually moving.  Those that do, we keep crossing with.  Good job really as we are now heading back to the mooring desert that is much of the K & A.

So once again in Bath, a very beautiful place.  Then retrace our steps to catch up with Lady Esther later in the week.

Mistletoe in a tree 

NB Leo - Poultney Weir

John's turn

Reversing back

& back

Just a bit further

Bath deep lock 

Farewell Ian & Helen

Miles 17
Locks 12

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